How Using Open Source Software Can Save Your Business Money

Open Source software is software that is released using the GPL license. The code the software is written in is out in the open for the world to see and it is free to be used by anyone. The catch is if anyone alters/improves the code they must submit the changes they made so that they can be added to the project for everyone. This creates a community backed project that Linux has been based on since the beginning.

Open source software is a great alternative to using paid for software like Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office. The alternatives to Windows and Office would be Linux operating system and LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a complete office suite that is completely free and can do pretty much everything that Microsoft Office can do. In fact this article was written using LibreOffice Writer. There are many other great open source alternatives out there that don’t need subscriptions or messy license agreements.

I use open source software on a daily basis it currently runs my website as well as my office computer. I have always said that if I can find an alternative to commercial software that is open source and free I will use that instead. I have taken the same approach with my clients I always offer a free open source alternative before I offer the commercial software. When open source software is used in conjunction with commercial software it can save you money on monthly software subscriptions. For example if you have an employee that just needs access to email and not the entire office suite you could install Thunderbird. By installing Thunderbird over office that is one less employee you have to buy a Microsoft office license for.

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